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Recipe: Hennessy Margaritas !!!

Hennessy Margarita

Hennessy Margaritas!!!


1   12 oz frozen limeade concentrate

3   1.5 oz shots of Hennessy

     3 oz of 100% pineapple juice


     lime juice (optional)

     black Himalayan sea salt (optional)

Servings: 1-5: I won’t judge you nor tell you how much to pour in your cup! So serve it up however you like.

Lets Do It:

(optional step)  Take a glass and dip the rim in lime juice.  Once the rim is wet, dip the rim in the Himalayan sea salt for garnish and set aside.

  1. Combine frozen limeade, pineapple juice, and Hennessy in your blender, then fill with ice.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Pour in salt rimmed glass(es).
  4. Serve & enjoy immediately.

-Enjoy All Things

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