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Recipe: Quick Fast! Salmon Stir Fry

Salmon Stir Fry

By the time you read this recipe you could’ve made it!

What You’ll Need (ingredients):

1/2 small red onion

1 large garlic clove – minced (about 1/2 tablespoon)

1 pound asparagus

1 pound salmon

1 stem green onion (optional)

1 1/2 tablespoon butter (separated into 3-1/2 tablespoons)

1 tablespoon olive oil


     1/3 cup Teriyaki sauce

     1 teaspoon black pepper

     1 tablespoon seasoning salt

     1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

     pinch red pepper flake

Let’s Get It Started (preparation):

Prep time: 12 minutes

  • cut red onion in thin half moon shaped slices
  • mince garlic clove
  • thinly slice green onion on a bias
  • cut the asparagus into 4’s
  • cut salmon into 1/2 inch cubes

IMG_9993 (1)

Flick Your Wrist (cook):

Cook time: 10 minutes

1. In a large pan, heat/melt 1/2 tablespoon of butter and the olive oil over medium-high heat.

2. Once heated, add asparagus.

3. After cooking asparagus for 1 minute, add the onion, stir together, and cook for 2 minutes.

4. Move veggies to one side of the pan and add 1/2 tablespoon of butter to the empty side of the pan.



5. Once the butter is melted, add the salmon, in a single layer, to the empty side of the pan & sear on all sides (to prevent overcooking, this should only take 2-3 minutes).  Add all seasonings, minus the teriyaki sauce, to the salmon and veggies.

6. Once the salmon is seared, mix everything together and cook for another 30 seconds to 1 minute.

7. Add the teriyaki sauce, 1/2 tablespoon butter and minced garlic.

8. Mix everything together and cook for 30 seconds.

9. Remove from heat and serve over rice.

*This recipe will give you 4 – 1 cup servings.

*This meal is still great reheated!

-Enjoy All Things

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  1. The recipe was very easy to follow and tasted yummy! Easy to prepare and the meal was ready in no time! Keep up the great work stink!

  2. This recipe is easy, convenient, and delicious! My boys called me a “top chef” and I owe it all to Stink!

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