Let’s E.A.T.



“My daughter, chef Stink, dresses and cooks the same FANCY” – Mommy”

“I imagine this is what they serve in heaven” – Kat

“To say Stink is a “good cook” is an insult!  She is an artist in the kitchen; a true chef!  Not many people can create a fine dining experience in the comfort of their own home.” – Pascha

“I don’t know where to start!  She prepared apple-glazed pork chops and had me feigning for more…She needs to come through again” – Corey

“That shit fye.” – Scyrus

“Her cooking is just like her style; fun – creative- adventurous and sexy.  She literally makes cauliflower sexy.” – Ashlei

“Everything is homemade!” – Jas

“Making me fall for foods that I’ve never even thought to pick up before” – Thee Michael Carroll

“When it comes to a homemade meal, nothing can compare to Stink’s divine cuisines” – Poo-Poo