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Get In The Kitchen

So for a good while a good friend kept telling me I should write a blog but I’m like why, who wants to listen to Stink?  Would I be good?  Would I be supported?  Will I sound stupid?  Am I really talented?  You know all those normal “you aren’t confident questions”, but after a while I said “okay, whatever”.

So now we are here,!!! *inserts smiling emoji*

Now I’m sure chefs, cooks, and foodies love a good food blog or two, but I’m also trying to get to those that; don’t, can’t, too cute, too busy, & those uninterested in cooking.  The ones that don’t know the difference between sauté and boil, and that just don’t know where to start.  You’ve all heard those clichés ” the kitchen is the heart of the home” and “the way to a mans heart is through his stomach” blah blah blah but what about you?!  *inserts pause*  Don’t you want to enjoy your kitchen and not due some damn cliché?  Just sayin.

Lets daydream:

You’re home cooking.  You hear the key slide in the door.  The door opens, closes, click – there goes the lock.  You hear footsteps coming towards you.  Bae slides up behind you.  You look over your shoulder and you give bae a taste & damn! I mean how sexy is that!!!!

Okay so bae isn’t your thing – whatever!

Your children are running around getting on your last nerves while you are attempting to make something you saw on E.A.T (not a bad idea [shameless plug]), or they are done with their homework and bored out of their minds.  You want to try something new with them, you have a picky eater, whatever (daydream is totally going left) – hand them a plastic or butter knife and give them something to cut.  If they’re a little older let them stir the pot, crack an egg, taste, season.  Younger, give them an empty pot and a big spoon and let them go to work on le imaginary dinner.  Get your children involved and thank me later – you can thank me for the mess too.

Don’t have kids or a bae, its okay, you have YOU!!!  If none of the above interest you, you can always go home and pour yourself a nice glass of wine (or water but idk why you’d pick water over wine but hey), turn on some music, get your adult on and make yourself a great meal.  Everyone should have one great go-to meal that you can cook well.  If you don’t learn anything from my many entries to come, I hope you learn at least one go to meal – a signature dish that you can call your own and keeps you from being the utensil/drink person.  If you don’t learn that signature dish I’m sure I’ll have a good place or two that you can make the best reservation.



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